How to Make Money Online Fast


While there are plenty of ways to make money online, this article will focus on a few that you can start immediately with very little experience or training. Just in case you're nervous about being employed in the future, consider this an insurance policy against long-term unemployment. The best part is that these methods can be done in your spare time, after work, and only require you to devote a small portion of your energy to them.

So, let's say you've just lost your job—what now? For starters, don't panic. Unemployment rates for early 2019 have been at their lowest point since 1969—this isn't the end of the world! If you've got some money saved up from previous employment (or maybe even from a prior business venture), then now is not the time to spend it all on avocado toast; instead, look at ways to bring in some extra cash on the side without investing too much time or effort.

1. Earn Cash for Surveys and Testing Products.

If you're looking for ways to make extra money, there are tons of them out there. You can get paid to shop, play games, take surveys—actually, you can get paid pretty much to do anything online these days. The idea is simple: a company will pay you to allow them to track your activity online, and sometimes in the real world.

The best way I've found so far is through Swagbucks. They have tons of things you can do for points that add up over time and turn into rewards like gift cards or Paypal cash. That's not all though—you'll also get $5 just for signing up!

2. Make Money Selling Your Own Stuff.

Selling your own stuff online is the perfect way to earn money and declutter at the same time. The easiest approach is to list your item on a site like eBay, Etsy, or Craigslist where buyers can find it. If you want to get more serious about dealing with these sites, you can open an account and become a seller yourself. As a seller, you'll probably need to think seriously about how to price your items fairly above what you bought them for (depending on the type of item) while making sure they're still attractive enough for someone to buy them.

In order to make sure that anyone interested in buying from you will have all of the information they need, find out as much as possible about what condition your items are in and exactly what is included with each listing. The more pictures you add when listing something will help buyers learn more about its condition before they buy it.

3. Get Paid for Product Reviews.

You probably have a lot of opinions about products. Maybe it's the phone, maybe it's the restaurant, and maybe you're even pretty confident that a certain computer is the way to go. If your opinion on items and services could help others make better decisions, you can get paid for sharing them.

"I'd love to be able to tell people about my favorite products," you think to yourself. "And who knows? Some company out there might finally make something awesome enough for me to love."

This is how companies learn what their customers want—and now you can be part of that process!

Products don't exist in a vacuum—someone has to try them out before they can be sold. And someone else needs to hear about those experiences so they know whether or not a product is worth their time and money. That's where you come in!

From phones to TV sets, mattresses to headphones—just read some reviews and share your opinions with others using social media or by posting a review on your own blog. These are great ways of building an audience and establishing yourself as an authority. In exchange for this service, which we like to call free market research, companies will pay cash, give away free products, or just link back to your site when someone searches for something related to what you're reviewing! 

4. Make Money by Renting Out Your Stuff Online.

Renting out your stuff is a really easy and quick way to make money online. Just take pictures of your stuff, upload them to the sites you want to list on and set a price. As long as your items are clean, in good condition and easy to ship/deliver, people will pay you for them!

If you can get over the hurdle of being an amateur photographer, it is a great way to make some extra cash with very little time invested. If you have questions about which websites are the best or how much you should charge for an item, do your research before posting your stuff.

5. Make Money with Affiliate Marketing.

Nowadays, anyone with a computer and an internet connection can make money online by becoming an affiliate.

What is affiliate marketing?

It's when you find a product to sell online, promote the hell out of it on your blog or social media channels, and get paid when someone makes a purchase through the link you posted. You can also apply this business model to e-books, courses you create yourself, or other digital products.

How does affiliate marketing work?

In order for it to be effective that is, profitable you need traffic. The more visitors who visit your website or blog and click on your links called "clicks", the more likely those clicks will translate into sales aka income. It's not always that simple: Sometimes they'll just leave your site and not buy anything. 

However, once you've built up some momentum there will be a point where it takes off like a rocket ship if one of your posts starts getting traction in social networks such as Twitter or Facebook, you'll know when this happens because you'll start seeing dozens of orders per day. 

To get there though requires dedication over months of time and daily effort to grow your audience organically through social media. Once you're making enough money from affiliates that it's worth quitting your job (and only then), I have found that starting an e-mail list can help grow sales even further.

Earning with Affiliate programs is easy because they are everywhere online, and they're a great way to make money on the side or even boost your primary income if you have a steady stream of referrals. The best part is that it can take as little as ten minutes to set up an account and start referring friends! Here are some tips for getting started:

a) Understand what you're signing up for: When companies launch referral programs, most of them also launch websites explaining how the program works. If you're not sure about something, consult before moving forward with your referral link.

b) Optimize the link before sharing: The referral link is the address that your friends will use when they sign up for a service or app and even buy a product.

Aside from making sure the URL is correct, it's also important to think about how your friends will read the name of the link itself. 

c) Invite friends using social media: Once you have an optimized referral link and have decided exactly who you want to invite (typically family members and close friends), post it to social media along with a compelling message encouraging them to follow the link and get some cool stuff in return! Remember that people may lose track of their referral links over time so if yours isn't immediately obvious in their inboxes or group threads then it may not be clicked on at all! 

6. Start a YouTube Channel.

YouTube is an amazing place. More than 1 billion users use the site every month to share their lives with other people. They're doing so because people want to view things and enjoy videos that are entertaining, informative and funny. If you have skills in writing, drawing, gaming or other forms of entertainment, YouTube can provide a great launching point for generating income.

There's no question that the first step to getting started is setting up a YouTube channel. But we found that many beginners don't know exactly what they need to do to start making money on their channel, and what they should do before they start earning ad revenue from it.

We've saved you time by outlining all the information you'll need in this section:

channel name

channel icon

channel trailer

about the channel

regular uploads

video titles, descriptions and tags (what will appear under each video)

video thumbnails (make sure these are attractive and eye catching)

7. Become a Virtual Assistant Online.

To become a successful virtual assistant online, you'll need to have some tech skills. It's best to learn how to use the following programs well:

Microsoft Word

Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Excel

After that, it's going to depend on what kind of work you want to do. If you're editing text for business documents, you'll need good spelling and grammar skills and familiarity with AP Style. If you're taking calls for customer service or sales reps, be prepared for heavy phone work with a wide variety of personalities. If you're doing data entry or other office-related tasks from home, make sure your computer is up-to-date. 

You can often find freelance jobs in these areas on freelancing sites like Upwork or Fiverr.

What's great about freelance work is that it allows you to work on your own terms. If you're interested in working from home and eliminating the commute (and high prices of gas!), freelance work can be an ideal solution for how to make money online fast. What's more, if you decide how much money you'd like earn each month, it could be an excellent way for how to make money online fast. You can look at your skills and interests to determine what kind of work you can do: writing, programming, sales, marketing...the list goes on!

You can make money online.

With the internet, you have access to a worldwide market and its potential customers, but it's up to you to actually sell your products or services to these people. Make your first sale online with these tips on how to make money online:

Start with small projects. You can't sell anything if you don't have a product or service in place! So, before you start trying to attract a customer base, get some ideas for what you can sell, find out how much competitors are charging for similar items, figure out your costs of production, and then set a price that works for both yourself and the buyer. If people are hesitant about buying from new sellers on websites like Etsy or eBay, try selling something locally until your reputation grows.

Build up an audience gradually. Even once you've found something worth selling and you're confident that there's demand for it out there in the world somewhere, don't rush into setting up shop immediately. Building up an audience takes time both because of how long it takes for them to naturally discover what you have available and because of how long it might take them to build enough trust in your offerings that they're willing to buy from someone they've never met before. 

Start small by blogging or making videos online so that people know who you are when they do see your product listings later on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest; create an email list by offering something valuable (like free tips) in exchange for contact information from interested parties; run contests that require participants to opt-in with their email addresses; go door-to-door selling at local events like street fairs and farmers markets; etcetera etcetera etcete… 

Just be careful not promote yourself too soon or too often—remember that patience is key when building an audience!


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