How to Make Money Online in Kenya

Making money online can be a lot of fun, and it can also be very rewarding. However, some people have different ideas about how to do this. Some people prefer to start their own business, while others enjoy freelancing or working for themselves as a way to make money online in Kenya. 

In this article, we're going to cover some of the best ways you can make money online using some simple methods that anyone can use!

I am sure you had thought of trying your hands at online money-making since the Kenyan online economy is blooming at a steady and impressive pace. But then, most people are not aware of how to get paid online in Kenya.

You are in the right place on how to make money online in Kenya. Why? The reason is simple, you know that the internet has changed how people live, how enterprise is done, and even how governments operate.

Become a Freelance Online

Freelancing is the best way to make money online in Kenya. You can work from any place with an Internet connection, whether that’s at home or in a coffee shop.

If you want to freelance but aren't sure where to start, here are a few tips:

  • Work on your schedule so that you don't have to worry about being available when clients need you. If they call and ask for help during business hours (or even after hours), just pick up the phone!
  • Choose what kind of work is most important for your business and focus on that first before taking on other projects that may not be as lucrative or profitable as others might seem at first glance.

Once you've decided that being a freelancer is right for you, there are many steps involved in getting started. 

First and foremost, it's important to understand what exactly makes up the job market when it comes time to find work as an independent contractor (IC). For example: how much time do clients spend looking at your website before deciding whether or not they want to hire you? What kind of messages should they see on their profile page when trying out new projects with potential employees? 

Is there anything unique about your services that would make someone want them over another person/company offering similar services but without all these extra bells & whistles attached? In short: how does one stand out from all their competitors in order for potential employers (or potential customers) to end up choosing them over someone else who may seem similar but has less experience under their belt yet still charges higher fees than yours does due well into triple digits per hour!

Make money online with Fiverr

Fiverr is a website where you can find freelance work. You can sign up to work on the site and choose from thousands of gigs that are posted by people who are looking for workers.

There are several ways you can make money with Fiverr:

Get paid per gig. If you have an online store, blog, or other projects that require some help from other freelancers, you can use Fiverr as a platform to do so. 

For example, if someone needs help creating their website but doesn’t know how to go about it himself/herself (or simply cannot afford to hire someone), he/she could hire one of these talented individuals through this platform instead because they will give them unlimited access to their skillset via videos tutorials, etc., which would save him/her time and money!

Participate in online surveys and get paid

Online surveys are a great way to make money online. In fact, they're one of the most popular ways individuals can earn some extra cash on the side. However, before you jump into any kind of survey, there are some things you should know:

  • Make sure that anyone who pays for your opinion knows what they're paying for. If it's not clear from their request or pitch how much money is being offered and when it will be paid out (for example, "we'll pay $10 per hour"), then don't participate! 
You want to be clear about what exactly is expected from each individual task so there aren't any surprises later down the road--and also because this makes it easier for people who don't know anything about your field/business/industry yet but might still want advice from someone within those fields.
  • Don't forget about taxes! Some companies offer bonuses based on how many hours are spent working towards completing tasks during an event or event series; others may even offer compensation based upon how long each individual task takes--so keep track of all these details carefully!

Get paid to write online reviews

Once you've got your writing skills down, it's time to start writing reviews. The first thing you need to do is make sure that the product you're reviewing is a legitimate one—and not just any product. If the company selling it doesn't have any online presence or if they don't list their phone number, then don't go near it!

Next, it's important that people know how honest and sincere you are being with them when posting these reviews online. If someone has paid for something and gets bad service from the seller (or vice versa), then chances are people will want their money back—and who wants that? So, make sure everything looks good on paper before putting pen to paper yourself!

When writing reviews of products like clothes, food items, etc., make sure there are no typos in terms of grammar or spelling errors before sharing them with other readers who might be interested in buying these items later on down the line when prices drop again due "seasonality" (for example).

Get paid for reading emails

Paid email reading is a way to make money online by using your email address as a way to access other people's emails. You'll be paid for reading these emails and replying to them, but there are some major differences between paid email reading and regular email marketing campaigns.

What is Paid Email Reading?

Paid email reading is when someone pays you through PayPal or another payment platform (like BitPay) for reading their messages, answering questions about their products/services, and sharing links that help them promote themselves in the future (this can include affiliate links). 

There are many companies who offer this type of service—some charge per message read, others charge per hour spent replying back, etc... Once you’re accepted into their program they will send out an automatic notification every time there is an opportunity available on their site so that none of us miss out on any work!

Start a blog

  • Start a blog on a topic you're passionate about.
  • Choose a topic that is relevant to your audience, and make sure it's something they need or want.
  • Create an attractive design for your blog, but don't go overboard with the bells and whistles—you don't have to be a web design genius in order for people to find what they're looking for when they visit your website!
  • Make sure that all of the information on your site is valuable and useful: if someone lands on your homepage, there should be some useful content there that will encourage them to keep reading through their journey through this process (and hopefully convert them into paying customers). This means making sure every piece of content has its own purpose rather than being just filler text without any real added value whatsoever.

Get paid for watching videos online

If you are a fan of watching videos online, then you can make money online by watching videos on YouTube.

You can also make money by watching videos on Twitch and Netflix.

Amazon Video has a lot of movies and TV shows that you can stream for free if you have an Amazon Prime membership (which costs $99 per year).

Start an eCommerce store

Ecommerce is a great way to make money online. It's a type of business that allows you to sell your products and services through the internet or mobile devices, like smartphones and tablets. eCommerce sites can be run by anyone with a computer or smartphone, which means they're accessible 24/7 (even when you're sleeping).

There are many ways you can use eCommerce stores in Kenya, but one of the most popular is as an affiliate marketer. Affiliate marketing involves earning commissions from sales made on someone else’s behalf—for example, if someone clicks through an ad for your product on Facebook or Google Search Engine Ads (SEO), then clicks through another ad that leads them directly back into their browser window where they see more information about what makes this product different than any other similar ones out there today!

Make money online by Selling Items

Have you heard of, Jumia Kenya and PigiaMe? They are the leading websites where you can sell your goods to customers directly without having to go through middlemen and other agents. You can make a living selling item online in Kenya if done right.

a. is a popular Kenyan classified ads website where users can sell their goods and services. The site also has its own mobile app, which makes it easier to buy and sell.

The best part about Jiji is that it's completely free to use! You can even post ads without signing up first (though you'll need to register if you want to receive notifications when someone replies).

Since there's so much competition on Jiji, it's important to stand out as an advertiser by posting high-quality listings with good photos of the item or service being sold—and only selling items that are in excellent condition. In addition, make sure that your ad is written clearly and concisely so potential buyers will find what they're looking for quickly.

b. PigiaMe

The easiest way to make money online in Kenya is through the popular Kenyan P2P (peer-to-peer) platform, PigiaMe. You can buy and sell anything you like on PigiaMe if you are looking to make quick cash or build your own business from scratch in Kenya.

The best part about PigiaMe is that it's free to register and start selling or buying online in Kenya!

With PigiaMe you can buy and sell almost anything including electronics, clothes, shoes, and more! You also get paid instantly through Mpesa when someone buys your item for sale on PigiaMe - no waiting for days like other websites out there!

You don't need much knowledge about how to sell things on PigiaMe because everything is explained very well by their team members who will always be available via email 24/7 should you have any questions while using this platform as an entrepreneur looking forward to taking advantage of this opportunity provided by the company itself when they launched back in 2013 without expecting anyone else but themselves since then until now.

c. Jumia

You can sell anything on Jumia. You may have some clothes that you don’t use anymore or you might be a trader who has many items to sell but no place to put them. You can even sell your car on Jumia. In fact, there are many ways you can use Jumia to make money online in Kenya. Here are some of them:

  • Sell your electronics and other stuff on Jumia
  • Sell your used books on jumia - they will buy them at a good price and resell them in their stores around the country
  • You can also rent out an apartment or room on this platform if it's not being used by anyone else right now

Start a dropshipping business

Dropshipping is a business model that lets you sell products directly to customers, without ever having to own or operate a physical storefront. It's similar to dropshipping in the sense that you don't have any inventory of your own and instead sell directly from another company's store. But there are important differences between the two models:

  • Dropshipping is more scalable than other e-commerce platforms because it doesn't require any setup costs or capital investment (like buying inventory). As long as there are enough people willing to buy your products at a low price, this can generate significant income over time!
  • With dropshipping businesses, you only need one product line at first—the rest will come from other stores using this same platform. The advantage here is flexibility; if something doesn't work out well enough then maybe try something else next time. No need to worry about losing money because if things don't go according to plan then just move on to another product line completely!

Sell old books and stuff online

If you have old books, clothes, or phones that are no longer in use, it's a great idea to sell them online. You can also sell old shoes and toys.

You can set up an e-commerce store on or where people can buy your items. This is a great way to make money while using your old stuff!

Sell your eBooks

If you have a book that people want to read, there are several ways to make money from it. One way is to sell your eBooks on Amazon or another platform. You can also sell them on your own website or blog, but this might not be as lucrative as selling them on an online store like Amazon.

There are ways to monetize your content and get paid for writing about what interests you most.

You can make money online if you look in the right places.

If you're looking for a way to make money online in Kenya, look no further! You can make money online if you look in the right places.

There are many ways that people earn an income on the internet and one of them is by selling their own products or services. This can be done through websites such as,,, eBay or Amazon where people who have something they want to sell will list it on these sites where buyers will then purchase the item from them (you). You then get paid by either having your listing up there or when someone buys something from your listing after clicking through from yours because they saw it first on another site before coming over here where we live now :)


In conclusion, you can make money online while staying at home in Kenya. The best way is to set up an eCommerce store and start selling old books or other things that you have at home. It’s simple and it works for anyone willing to put in some work!


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