How to Easily Start a Blog


Are you breaking into hives at the thought of venturing into blogging? Well, you don’t have to worry, I got you covered.

Creating a blog for fun or as a way to boost your business online is very easy, you only need to follow some steps and you can be done in a day.

Step 1

Pick and settle for a niche that you are passionate about and one that generates interests in your target market.

This is important because you need your followers to know you for the content you are putting out. You can put out general content but make sure you stick to your chosen topic.

Step 2

The name that you want to give your blog is as important as choosing a niche. Choose a catchy title that will make people do a double-take and get excited about it. This will be your domain name and will automatically identify you online.

If you want to pursue a parenting niche, ensure that your title calls attention to parents or people who are going into parenting.

Step 3

Make sure the content you blog about is SEO optimized and offers insight into your niche. People will be interested if you offer them solutions to problems or opinions on things that matter to you.

Your blog needs to be uniquely you and shows your followers who you are. Do not put out generic content that doesn’t have heart in it. Speak directly to your followers and you will consistently grow your audience.

Step 4

 When starting, you can choose a free blogging platform like WordPress or Wix. These platforms offer pre-designed templates to make setting up way easier.

WordPress is the most widely used platform, but you can research other sites and settle on one that appeals to you the most.

Step 5

If you have capital set aside to put into creating your blog, you can choose a self-hosted platform at a small cost.

However, most people will choose free-hosted platforms, which come with a few limitations, and then switch it up later when they can afford a self-host solution.

Step 6

Create an account on your chosen platform and choose a template you want to use and customize it to your preference.

Add plugins that track your statistics and find your readers. Make sure you only add a few relevant plugins; you do not want to slow down your site.

Step 7

Start getting your content on your site that will draw in followers. You are now well on your way to mastering blogging.

Add photos and videos to your blog when posting to make it more interesting and engaging. Adding your photos makes it more personal and your followers get to know you better. You can get relevant photos to add to your content from free archives like iStock.

Step 8

Market your blog on a social media platform that your target market hangs out in and add a link to your website whenever an opportunity presents itself.

You can link your website to your bio on Instagram and add a call to action that directs people to your blog.

Creating a blog may be the easy part, but maintaining it is not as easy. You have to put in a ton of work for it to be successful.

  • You need to specifically target your niche market and write to them directly. Look for content that has an impact on their lives and gives them solutions to issues they may have.
  • Consistently put out content that will captivate your readers and keep them glued to your blog for more information.
  • Link your blog to all your social media accounts and post information on your blog on all the platforms.
  • Be vulnerable and show your true self on your blog, this will read as original and will be more appealing than putting out blog posts that everyone else is using.
  • You need to engage your readers by encouraging them to comment on particular issues and then you can respond and get a conversation going.
  • Research what your particular target market needs and their pain points so that you can address them on your blog.
  • It is important to create time for your blog to keep it interesting and consistently show up to your readers.
  • You need to develop a thick skin when you get into blogging. You will get people who will be there to criticize your every move. You need to learn how to tune out the volume and concentrate on the positive aspects of your blog. You may not get the engagement you were hoping to get at a specific time, just keep at it and it will eventually work out.

When starting a blog, be clear on what your expectations are for the blog. You need your blog to have a purpose be it a financial one or just personal. This will help define the tone to use when posting and creating content.

If you are creating a blog for business, you need focus to achieve your goals. You also need to start researching affiliate marketing and how you can plug it into your content.

If you have money set aside for your blogging endeavor, then you can consider hiring an expert to help you in setting it up. They will help you in choosing the best hosting platform that will be easy for you to use and you can afford. You will also get advice on how to drive traffic to your blog.

Finally, like any new undertaking, blogging may seem scary when first starting. The best way to get over the fear is by just getting all the information you can online and then go for it.

By following the steps and information available here and online, you can take the first step to set up a successful blog. Post content consistently and market the blog on social media platforms and use the content to find clients, if that was your goal.

Most importantly have fun blogging.


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