How to Make Money Writing Content

I know by now you have heard of people making $1000 or more a month writing content. I know you are asking, is this for real? Can I do it?
Yes, you can, if you love writing, reading, and are open to learning the ins and outs of content writing. It is however not that easy to start earning that kind of money right away. You have to learn first, how to deliver quality content that will get you, higher-paying clients.
When starting as a writer you need to, first take on lower-paying jobs that are not very demanding, once you master those, you can now start looking for higher-paying ones.
The idea here is to just start and get in as much information as you can by enrolling in courses that teach you how to be successful at content writing. You can get free resources online, but by getting a course like the one offered by Walter from Freelancer Kenya, you will get the support you need to launch your career.
There are a few ways you can make money, writing content.


Upwork is an internationally-acclaimed platform that links freelancers to clients offering different categories of work. You can easily create an Upwork account that highlights your preferred line of expertise and start bidding on the hundreds of jobs posted daily.
You can start bidding on entry-level jobs and then build up to intermediate and then expert level jobs once you are confident in your skills.
Other sites you can create free accounts on and look for writing work include;
  • Fiverr
  • People per Hour
Many more platforms are available online, that offer writing opportunities and you can try them out once you establish their credibility.

Social Media Platforms

Facebook has many incredible groups that offer re3sources to writers’ looking for work. You just need to such for relevant ones that you believe will be beneficial to your career.
Those groups also have members posting writing jobs regularly and you can try applying for those. I will however caution you to make sure you have agreements set in place before you start any work so that you avoid getting scammed.
LinkedIn is another such platform and it is inclined more towards business than the social aspect. You need to create a professional profile that puts your skills front and center. This way, potential clients can reach out to you whenever an opportunity arises.
You also need to join groups that offer the same and bid for work on their job board. You need to remain as professional as possible on LinkedIn as potential clients can see the content you put out.
You can write content and publish on this platform freely; the content you publish is accessible to anyone looking at your profile. You can also use the work you have published on this platform as your portfolio when applying for writing work.


Once you are confident in your writing abilities and want to start earning hire from writing. You can research and reach out to publications, blogs, and websites in the niche that you want to write about, to let them know of your interest to write for them.
You can do this by doing research and then sending a pitch through email on your interest in writing for them.
You need to have a very good template that you use to send cold-pitches and very good samples that display your ability to write compelling work.

Continuous Learning

Even if you feel you have improved enough and have started earning more money, you need to continue looking for ways to improve yourself. This is by looking for courses offering writing guides, reading relevant books, and participating in challenges that will further sharpen your skills.

Start a Blog

You can start a blog focusing on your relevant niche and capitalize on the SEO content that you post on the blog. This will ensure that your content starts appearing on Google searches and potential clients can find you in that way.
Having your blog allows you to post what you like and by driving traffic to your content, you can start earning through advertising and guest blogging for others.
It will also make it easy for you to send out pitches because you can just direct them to your blog for verification of your writing abilities.

Teaming Up

Once you have positioned yourself properly and are getting more than enough work through all the channels you have set up. You can decide to hire some writers and train them to write to your standards and start earning more by using their content.
Ensure you at least pay them at least 50% of the money you get from their content; this will leave them motivated to work for you and will increase your earning margins exponentially.
This entrepreneurship mindset will allow you to ease up on the amount of work you take on and focus on other things. You will also be helping society by providing employment.

Faster Submission

By creating a culture of writing daily, whether on your blog or for clients, you will notice that your research and typing speed will start going up. This will lead to the submission of the work faster than before.
You can then request the client to give you more work and this will lead to more money. I however advise you to take on work you can finish with the highest of standards and still leave you room for marketing yourself to more clients.
Finally, look for a niche that you will love to write about, as this is the only way to put passion into your work. This will shine through your work and will ultimately lead you to better-paying work and long-lasting relationships with your clients and lead you to get referrals from them as well.
Create a habit of writing daily and you will notice an improvement in your overall writing style and you will start enjoying creating captivating content that sells.


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