How to Make Money Online Without Spending a Dime


The idea of making money online may seem like a daunting task to many people especially if you do not have money to spend setting up a business online.
There are however ways you can make money online without spending a dime and just using the knowledge you already possess or can access online.
You can find lots of free information online just by doing research. There are many platforms that you can sign up for free and start bidding on tasks listed on there.
Without further ado, let me get on with some ways you can make some money for free.

1. Upwork

Upwork is a platform that does not charge freelancers a membership fee. There are thousands of jobs listed on this site and you can bid on them for free. Upon joining this platform, you can showcase your skills and bid on jobs that you think you can handle.
You will find jobs from the entry-level, intermediate level, and expert level; therefore, anyone can find a suitable job regardless of experience on Upwork.

2. Fiverr

Like Upwork, Fiverr is also free to join and you can create gigs that showcase the services you provide and you can start from as low as $5 per gig.
This platform allows you to create gigs that explain to potential clients what exactly they are getting, so they can find and hire you.
There is also an option for you as a freelancer to bid on projects posted on the platform.

3. Content Writing

If you are confident in your writing skills, content writing is a good way of earning money online without having to spend anything.
There is a lot of free information available on Google and video tutorials available on YouTube that you can utilize to improve on your writing and also get work.
You can also start bidding for content writing work on platforms like Upwork and Fiverr and start getting work right away.
I however recommend, picking up some training to improve your skills when you can afford it. Content writing work requires you to produce great content every time so that you can find high-paying clients.

4. Personal Shopper

If you love shopping, this is the perfect fit for you, you can become a personal shopper for people who are too busy to do their shopping or for one reason or another cannot do it.
This is perfect because you get to do what you love without spending a dime of your money and the best part is, you get paid to do it.
This is a position that will, however, require you to meet the client face to face at certain times or as required for consultation, however, you can still choose to conduct all transactions online.

5. Virtual Assisting

This means performing normal work remotely. You can do just about any work as a virtual assistant;
Data Entry
Administration Work
The list of jobs you can do as a virtual assistant is endless and the need for this work has skyrocketed with the onset of COVID 19. And now that companies and individuals have been exposed to the viability of this type of work, the need will increase rapidly.

6. Transcription and Translation

You can get into transcription without having prior experience or investing anything into it. There are platforms available like Rev that hire transcriptionists to handle recorded files and turn them into documents.
You only need to follow the guidelines given by the platforms and have a keen eye and ear for details.
Translation will also not cost you anything to set up, you only need to know two or more languages and you are all set to start working.

7. Blogging

Many people believe that setting up a blog is very expensive; this is true in some cases. But there are sites like WordPress that are free to set up and only upgrade to get more of their services once your blog starts making money.
By using affiliate links on your blog, you can start making money once you have enough people visiting your blog.
You however need to put up content that will drive traffic to your blog so that you can start making money.

8. Crafting

If you like creating things and have a flair for DIY projects, there are so many things you can start making at home and then sell them online without spending money.
This will only work if you genuinely love crafting and making things with your hands using materials readily available.

9. Making How-To Videos

You can make how-to videos online and start earning from them. By creating a YouTube channel or more recently TikTok, you can start creating videos showing people, for example, gardening hacks, and beauty hacks.
Once you have marketed these and have gotten a substantial following from them, you can start earning from advertisements on your platform or from endorsements from interested companies.

Final Thoughts

It is possible to make money online without spending a dime and there unlimited ways to do this. However, my recommendation is, you only start making a substantial income by being the best and constantly improving yourself.
You can do this by finding free content online, but once you can afford it, I would advise you to invest some money improving on what you already know.
The best way to become a specialist is to continually seek to be better and to offer better services at all times.
Finally, research, before you embark on any work online and verify its credibility. There is too much information out there and you may get confused and get scammed when trying to find something to do.
Make sure the company or platform you are dealing with is legitimate and has positive reviews from people who have worked with them.
Verify the payment methods they use and make sure you have agreements in place to ensure you get paid for work done at the right time.
Have fun making money online.


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