6 Effective Online Marketing Strategies

Your aspiration to run a successful enterprise is not a dream but a reality that a vibrant online marketing strategy can inspire. 

Different businesses have different needs. One thing in common for business is growing which cannot be achieved if people are not aware of what it deals in. Marketing strategy bridges this gap and gives more visibility to your business spectacularly.

What’s surprising is that even in the digital age, entrepreneurs are overlooking the power of marketing. Unknown to them is that this is pertinent to their survival in the business world.

Why is it important for your business to have a strong online marketing presence? One would ask. The answer is simple; a great marketing strategy has a lot to do with the growth and sustainability of the enterprise.

The beauty of an online presence is that it promotes accessibility. In business, accessibility is a major factor that you cannot ignore. 

What do you need for a marketing strategy?

As an entrepreneur, you are required to have extensive knowledge of a few things that may affect your business directly or indirectly. Planning is key and you should answer the following:

What do you want? Establish what you want to achieve with the business

Grasp online sales process: It helps in decision-making and creating a road map for your business.

Market segmentation: It reveals who a potential customer for a specific business is/would be. Use the buyer persona approach to get a clear picture of this.

Search where to get your customers: You already have a picture in mind of your would-be customer. Find out where to get him/her from your analytics.

Craft and unleash your marketing strategy: This is the point where you come up with a Call To Action (CTA) for the business as you launch it online.

Run Campaigns: Campaigns are a smart way to increase brand visibility. Have an automated kind of marketing with personalized messages.

Assess your strategy: With everything set up and launched, you can assess how things are with your marketing. The shortcomings, if any, are seen and a remedy is found.

After establishing the traits above, it is time to look at the best and proven models of effective online marketing strategy.

Proper personal identity: This is a glorified way of talking about branding. An individual’s identity equals his brand. A strong brand has smooth days when it comes to marketing because the brand speaks for itself. A brand promotes your business in a big way. People have a perceptive way of brand identification to their needs.

Another advantage of branding is that it increases visibility and bargaining power. With good bargaining power in business, you are set on the road to success. It depicts that you have won the trust of your customers.

1. Search Engine Optimization

The hallmark of an effective online marketing strategy so much relies on Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Your business ranks higher in the web search results with a well-enhanced SEO. More traffic directed to your site means you have a higher conversion rate. This translates to more brand awareness and loyalty. In a nutshell, you can convert the traffic into loyal customers which is what business is all about.

A wise take is to sit down and understand what keyword a customer would be likely to search on the internet regarding your business. Once you have this, go ahead and optimize your site. The results are fantastic.

2. Advertising

There is no better way to push your business’ presence online than advertising. This model calls for a special tactic that is reaching a wide pool of visitors on your site through the click-based pay model. With this employed, the cost of running the online marketing campaign goes down drastically.

You can control the amount of money to pay for advertising for a given period. As the advertiser, you only issue payment when one clicks to your site through ads directing visitors to your site. In some cases, you can advertise through specific keywords tailored for your site. The traffic from the advertisement has a high probability of working in favour of the advertiser.

3. More Content

Online marketing calls for a constant flow of content on the site. It is what adds up to an elaborate online marketing strategy. Users are drawn to the site by the content that is there. On the tech side of things, the site can be indexed and crawled easily by search engines.

Crawling and indexing ensure that information on your site can be accessed when searched online.

4. Email marketing

Email marketing is a powerful tool that increases brand visibility. It can reach many people in different forms just by the click of a button. It is a cheap and convenient way to keep on tabs with potential customers who have expressed their interest in your business.

Email marketing helps in creating a fruitful engagement with potential clients. On your site, the cookies you set up collect email addresses that you send to customized messages.

5. Campaigns

The best way to run a successful campaign for your business online is through social media. The dynamics on social media platforms work for the good in online Marketing Strategy.

Giant platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube have trillions of followers. The huge following on these platforms is good to advertise your business. The more followers who know your brand, the more success you can get in your business. You have the freedom to market your business on these platforms through text, images, or both. 

Again, the tech dynamism in these platforms which support the linking and referral to a business website makes it easier for the customer to access with ease the business they are interested in. Simplicity is of great benefit when matters of digital marketing strategy are involved.

6. Conversion

The worst thing for an entrepreneur looking at business growth through an online marketing strategy would be to ignore conversion. Conversion optimization ensures that you get a dime in your pocket from the traffic you get from the site.

The more traffic, the more sale you will make with enhanced conversion optimization. You convert the already existing traffic and the go-ahead to do the same for new visitors to your site. Ultimately, this approach gives you the value for money from the amount of traffic you get.

The biggest lesson while gunning for a better online presence for your business is to implement all of the above. They are interlinked and each of them has a unique set of benefits tied to Online Marketing Strategy. 


Proper planning and seriousness are the perfect remedies for a bubbly online marketing strategy. These are elements that battle the temptation of ignorance in online business. Now you’re in the know and it is time for your business to be reinvigorated.


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