Some Of The Best SEO Tools

You may be one of those people who fear venturing into content creation because you do not know the best SEO Tools? The fear factor is normal and has genuine reasons. 

However, it could be thing of the past. There are several things to reverse this fear and turn it into a testimony coupled with optimism only when you learn about the best SEO tools for a website. Herein, the article will explore the interesting world of tech nerds and their beautiful works in SEO.

What are SEO tools?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. The importance of SEO tools is that they are the mechanism through which your website is ranked. They are the mediums that optimize keyword searches and rank the page based on an individual’s search.

Besides optimization functions which the tools perform through an intricate tech-savvy process involving URLs linkage, they provide a comprehensive analysis of the trends on the interwebs.

SEO Tools Importance

The Best SEO Tools lessen your burden when managing multiple websites. They make work easier when looking up keywords that would ideally, work with your website. They provide a comprehensive analysis that you can study and adjust accordingly for your site to rank better.

Thus, the best SEO tools in the market have satisfactorily been explained below:

1. Google search console

Monitoring, overseeing, and troubleshooting your website on Google search pages, requires Google Search Console. It is free. It helps with the ranking of your site. As one of the best free SEO tools, it is a convenient index bot.

Google Search console interprets keywords data better and gives you a traffic highlight on what visitors to the site searched for. From the results, you can optimize the keywords further for more traffic.

2. SEMrush SEO toolkit

Have you ever cracked your head over a comprehensive keyword analysis report and ended up frustrated? You should have tried working with SEMrush SEO toolkit. It has simple features that you can use to check how your website is fairing in SEO ranking with other sites.

One interesting bit is that its report highlights bounce rates common with web metrics. They measure in percentage the number of users on your site who come and go in haste without checking any other page on your website.

Also, SEMrush SEO toolkit gives you a list of probable keywords on search from phones and computers. This tool has a monthly premium of 99 USD.

3. SEO Spider

SEO Spider is among the best SEO Tools you can have especially for crawler activities for your website. The beauty of this tool is that it fixes broken pages in a twinkle of an eye. It traces broken links and fixes them in a second and spares the agony of dealing with 504 errors on the site.

It has a subscription of 180 USD annually but there is also the free version. The difference is that the paid version is more sophisticated while the free version has the general features among them those for fixing errors.

4. Majestic SEO Tools

Majestic SEO Tools solves all your problems with backlinks. With many years in the market, the tool has a great influence on the linkage between two or more websites. Its features keep updating a site’s index. Majestic SEO has high speeds which help in retrieving backlink data.

A monthly premium goes for 50USD.

5. Moz Pro

A proper analysis of your site’s SEO through advanced crawlers calls for the services of Moz Pro. The tool provides an elaborate analysis of the main keywords being in use. It also focuses on the ‘FAQ’ section of the website by highlighting repeated questions.

Moz Pro measures your keyword density and stores them for ease in the retrieval or when updating them.

6. Siteliner

The hardest thing in the interwebs is flagging similar content on your site. Manually tracing it is cumbersome and draining but Siteliner does it in an instant and generates a report for action. When Google picks similar content from another site that is in yours, you become liable to a penalty. This is why Siteliner is important.

Siteliner also keeps on tabs with the speed of the site, and troublesome pages with breakages in links.

7. Fat Rank

Fat Rank saves you the agony of getting ranking for keywords in several websites. A free version comes with an app for versatility and convenience. Fat Rank can tell you in real-time your SEO ranking. Most SEO experts use it because it is simple and fun to use.

When you type in a specific keyword, Fat Rank picks the ranking of the keyword. Such information helps in better optimization of keywords in the google search engine. Most of those who used it for the first time were thrilled by the results as they were able to make changes for better keyword ranking.

8. Keyword Everywhere

With Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, Keywords Everywhere comes with an extension that populates data from various SEO mechanisms and analyzes them based on their volume.  

The free SEO tool provides data monthly on the volume of keyword searches. It gives a comprehensive insight into the current keyword search volume against the last 12 months. Thus, you can track the progress conveniently and make the needed changes.

Keyword Everywhere also elaborately gives data on keyword searches from different websites for actionable comparison.

9. Google Analytics

What would the website world be without Google Analytics? Although there is a lot of advancement in the technology world, nothing beats the single usefulness of Google Analytics for giving actionable data.

Google Analytics displays several important things including traffic, bounce rate, among others. But the most important is keyword searches and the source of traffic. Without a doubt, this is a great tool giving reasonable feedback for your website. It is free as well.

10. Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest is an SEO tool with a mix of tracking features that enable you to make the best decision on matters of SEO. This free too definitely ranks among the best SEO tools.

It is akin to spyware that shares details of what competitors are working on and their strategy. Ubersuggest shares the same information about competitors regarding their SEO operations. When you are the smart one, this is the tool you use to change your tact and remain on top of the SEO game for years on end. The simplicity in its usage also is something you should consider.


Becoming a king in the SEO game has only one call for action; work with the best SEO tools. Here, preference is influenced by several factors such as how good the tools are, the cost of acquiring them and user-friendliness. Depending on the option you settle for, you can pick a free version or the paid version of the SEO tools.


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