How to Get Traffic To Your Website Or Blog

There is nothing more rewarding than enjoying the outcome of the toil that goes into how to get traffic to your website.

It is an intricate but rewarding process. In the 21st century, coming up with a blog or website is as easy as eating candy. There are several platforms where you can set up a blog or website. Soon after having it up and running, the next big thing is making sure that there is enough traffic to keep things afloat.

If you recently started a blog and you are dumbfounded on where to get traffic, relax. This article will discuss to detail ways through which you can have more traffic to your site.

1. Have an elaborate content strategy

Quality content is key in having more people come to your blog. The first assignment you have once you set up your website is quality content creation. Without content, there will be nothing for the site to show.

The creation of content should be pegged on the tenets that ensure it is interesting and deliver whatever the site is all about. This is one of the ways on how to increase blog traffic fast. A trick of hacking all this is making sure that the content published on the site remains relevant for a long time. This ensures that the readers are retained all the time because the content remains relevant all the time.

2. Come Up With Interesting Headlines

A nice headline is captivating and will always bring more visitors to the site. The magic that well-crafted headlines do is second to none. A good headline is a major boost to the amazing content that you have developed. It is characteristic of the much-talked-about first appearances. Sharing of content is also spurred by an amazing headline and great content. Sharing content increases the number of people who view your content. This is a fantastic way on how to get traffic to your website or blog.

3. Share your best posts

Besides hitting the share button, consider using a newsletter. It is effective in increasing traffic to your site. Newsletters have a wider reach and are effective campaign tools. A newsletter uses an email marketing strategy and it fetches you organic traffic. Once on the site, it collects emails for visitors with their consent and populate a list of the best stories and send them out. After this, develop a schedule – a week or monthly - for sending the newsletter.

The major advantage of a blog newsletter is you build a loyal readers base and increases your traffic three-fold.

4. Keyword optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) optimizes keyword searches and drives traffic to your site. As long as you do it right, SEO is highly beneficial. When SEO is set right, keyword searches enable your website to rank high and you get organic traffic from these searches.

To nail SEO, you must have it right with keywords. You can achieve this by looking at analytics for different keywords and optimize your site to pick them up in searches. Proper analysis with keywords spares you surprises with Google ranking that drives traffic to the site.

5. Use social media

To get traffic to your website means doing several other things correctly. Among them is the use of social media. Social media platforms enjoy a huge following. With good content, distribution is key and Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn are great platforms. Each of them works differently and you should dig deep to understand how they work.

For example, Twitter does with shortened URLs while Facebook takes a nine-word title without breaking it. This is captivating and can drive an insane amount of traffic to your site.

6. Use keywords phrases

Usually, these are phrases with at least three or more words. They have a higher ranking on google and other search engines because there is no competition. For long-tail, they are precise and work with a specific keyword which pops up when half of it is typed in on google. They are great if well set and used correctly. They generate a lot of organic traffic because they have a higher ranking. Customized plugins from the site help in optimizing SEO and increased ranking.

7. Establish where your social media power lies

You already have a running site with record-breaking headlines and amazing content. But this is not enough to get traffic to your website. You need a powerful distribution channel on social media. However, you cannot be all over the different social media platforms. The secret is working with a specific platform and understand how it works.

Find out if it's working fulfills your desires regarding user-friendliness and its capacity to increasing blog traffic fast. Once you ascertain all this, you can weigh your options because social media platforms are dynamic. They also serve different interests and demographics which is why you must.

Depending on the type of content you publish, you can make a decision on which social media channel to use. If it the intelligent-type content, LinkedIn is the place. If it has a lot of visuals, YouTube is the place. If it about brand promotion, Instagram would work better.

8. Work on seed and mobile feeds

Not everyone accesses the internet on a laptop or desktop. Millions of those surfing the internet do so from smartphones in the 21st century. Therefore, compatibility with a mobile phone is a key aspect to consider on how to get traffic to your website. Low speeds are a turn-off that eats up your organic traffic.

9. Connect with fellow bloggers

The power of networking cannot be underscored enough on matter getting traffic to your blog. There is always something to learn from someone and it could be of help. Connecting with others who are in this field does a lot of good for your blog.

Learn more about inbound and outbound linking which increases your SEO ranking and traffic follows.

10. Have a mix and match the content style

Different readers have different preferences when it comes to blogs. Some are thrilled by longer content while others are the busy types and love the short content format. Both groups of readers generate traffic to your site. Therefore, when generating the content, have both formats in place for diversity reasons.

It is also advisable to include video and infographics in your content. Visuals have an inexplicable appeal that many readers love and maintain loyalty to.


When you stay focused and believe that your hard work will give you results, follow the 10 hacks above on how to get traffic to your website. They are great tips, easy to master and put in play. The results are tremendously incredible.


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